Wind River Conference on Prokaryotic Biology


62nd Annual Conference, June 13-17, 2018


The Pond at Dao House
The Wind River Conference gratefully acknowledges support from the following sponsors:

·     National Science Foundation (1995-2016)

·     American Society for Microbiology

·     Monserate Biotechnology Group

·     Sharklet™ Technologies, Inc.

·     Dao House, Estes Park, Co

·     UNLV, School of Life Sciences

Registration for the 2018 Conference is now closed, final preparations are underway!

The Final Program of the 62nd meeting can be downloaded here

Meeting photograph available for download here

Meeting overview This conference focuses on the biology of diverse prokaryotic and lower eukaryotic systems. It is the major annually-occurring international meeting devoted to this subject area and is often a conference where "emerging" genetic systems as well as "novel model systems" are first described.

The meeting has always been open to all researchers working in the field of genetic exchange, prokaryotic biology and related areas, including DNA repair, restriction-modification systems, recombination pathways, thermophilic biology and Archaeal biology.

A major strength of the meeting has always been the diversity of systems represented. This diversity has provided a fertile environment for new ideas and for applying well-established concepts to newly emerging systems.

Historically, a significant feature of the meeting has also been the accessibility to graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.



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